Project That Allows to Hear the Sounds of Ocean Fishes

The Oceans 3D project, sponsored by Microsoft, is a nice project under the BBC Earth roof, allowing you to hear the true sounds of fish in the depths of the ocean.

In the project titled The Secret Sounds of Fish, the colorful and stiff fish of the oceans


In a way that can be seen as a living animal, people can talk among themselves or use their voices to hunt.
            Curious Gospel to underwater: Underwater drone powerray is now in Turkey!

While it is possible to compare existing voices to radio frequencies when we listen in aggregate, it would be perfectly reasonable to say that we experienced the submerged version of the wildlife life in basic sense.

This project, which is in the stage of development yet, is one of the most important projects in the world. In the following periods, it seems that we will continue to offer us more interesting information, beauties we can not see and hear. Good looking.