Reeder Plans to Raise Talent in Smart Phone Manufacturing

Domestic brands seem encouraged after President Erdogan's call for the importance of domestic production in smartphones.

Reeder plans to make major breakthroughs in the new era with the fact that he has built an investment of 8 million TL in Samsun. Firman, who is currently only producing tablets and smartphones, plans to make production in the coming months on smart clocks and other devices with artificial intelligence aids.

Reeder's new goal in the new era is to increase its annual production capacity to 600,000 devices. Uygar Saral, CEO of Firman, who plans to produce 300,000 smartphones, 200,000 tablets and 100,000 smart clocks in 2019, said:

"We started manufacturing touch-tone phones in this center, Reeder is a company that has a tradition based on intelligent products, and artificial intelligence, cloud and robotics solutions are in the forefront of industry sector in the future.With the software R & D in particular, we can develop many products in this category, we will try to make it easier. we have a team of 100 people in Samsun is committed to domestic production. produce we apparatus of local content, with more due to the 55 percent of Turkish goods seal bears. Samsun factory latest technology products produced in that only offered in the market, not overseas Turkey. "[19659003Lastday"

" We are launching another campaign to support the economy, and the users who bring the iPhone models have a new Reeder after their phones are valued, "said Saral, who also talked about the campaign" Bring the iPhone to bring Reeder " we are making them own. Everyone invites you to participate in my campaign. "


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