Ripple Community Sewed for the New XRP Logos

The XRP community The XRP token logos suggests different ideas for defeating and redesigning. As the use of the XRP symbol on Twitter has caused confusion, the community has been struggling to separate the XRP from the current Ripple logos and to design a different logo.

The project by Alexavier Guzman The XRP started after recognizing that it used the ISO 4217 currency code . Those who have started the project with open source writing can contribute to the project from GitHub page. Alexavier writes

"The project is to provide the XRP community with proposals for a potential and useful symbol, to use it as a demonstration of the amount of XRP, and to submit to the Unicode Consortium for eyeballs."

The Unicode Consortium is a nonprofit organization aiming at the development, extension, dissemination of use of the Universal Code standard and its publication in a modern software environment.

The main idea of ​​the project is to use a single common symbol representing the XRP 'crypto currency. Bitcoin, Litecoin and others, the symbol will be used to display it as a currency.

According to Guzman, the symbol will symbolize the universal presence of the XRP currency. "

The symbol will symbolize the universal existence of the XRP currency, as the symbol is later presented to the Unicode Consortium. As a finished product, if the symbol is added to the Unicode Standard, the symbol will be available to everyone. The main reason why you create a symbol and the ISO code is not enough is because XRP can be distinguished from the Ripple company. XRP currency Ripple Inc.

Below are some examples of symbols that the community suggests over the @XRPsymbol twitter account:

It is important to know the differences between these two,

As Guzman says:

"The community behind the XRP is really passionate about the innovations and technologies that helped make Ripple, but Ripple's XRP ' Yi is just one of the unlimited ways of using XRP. "