Russians Intervening US Presidential Choice Bitcoin Used!

A group of Russian intelligence agents was sued for interfering with the US elections of 2016.

Russian intelligence agents were allegedly infiltrated into the Democratic Party's computer networks and e-mail accounts, and these allegations are now official. According to today's criminal proclamation, 12 intelligence agents intervened in the Democratic Party's election campaign in the 2016 elections.

According to the announcement of the crime, the agents are cleared of money in various ways. The defendants alleged that "they were able to take advantage of the anonymity of crypto money, such as Bitcoin, to make money worth $ 95,000" .

"The defendants were paying for the costs of their worldwide operations with Bitcoin."

The defendant is believed to have used currencies like US dollars, but


According to the crime announcement, Russian agents pay directly to companies in the United States.

Some of the crime announcements are as follows:

"The defendants used Bitcoin mining as well as several different ways to get Bitcoin.

Another thing that has been mentioned in the announcement is that some crypto money exchanges intentionally conceal the actions taken by the defendants, directly helping the defendant.

Russian agents The relationship with the US elections is being discussed for two seasons. However, with the announcement of a new crime, these allegations were well received.

Robet Mueller is the name found in the crime scene. He's one of the FBI's former managers. Mueller was assigned to conduct a special investigation in May 2017.