Short Term Free 5 Android Game and Application!

Developers in application markets can, as you know, free some paid apps for a short period of time.

On Google Play, where new applications are added every day, developers sometimes free their paid content for a short period of time to promote their apps. These applications that we follow and share constantly, you can use your devices free of charge by downloading. But you appreciate that the only issue that I can guarantee you with regard to the matter is that the writing of the applications is free of charge. Let's review the free Android games and apps for a short period of time, with a total value of $ 32.

1. Ringtone Maker Pro

I would like to say first of all that there is no ads in the application which is a Pro version of Ringtone Maker. On the other hand, the application gives you options to customize for the ringtone. With Ringtone Maker Pro you can get quite good results without being necessarily a composer or artist. You can understand that the actual price is 14.99 TL and the app which has a lot of downloads despite its price deserves the price.

Ringtone Maker Pro


2. OnSite Checklist – Quality & Safety Inspector

With the listing application that will make your life easier, you can get all kinds of cataloging needs quickly and efficiently. The application, which allows you to assign images quickly and easily, underscores that you will not obtain any information or fees for unauthorized access. The OnSite Checklist – Quality & Safety Inspector, which is especially useful for business owners, can become a versatile and short-lived indispensable application for you.

OnSite Checklist – Quality & Safety Inspector


3. ShoCandy – Rainbow

Are you also from using Instagram or enjoying taking photos? If your answer is 'yes' then this application is definitely for you. Camera application with facsimile photo filters, you need to try cinsten.

ShoCandy – Rainbow


4. 2 Player Quiz Pro

Play the game, but if you are in the rush of cultivation, the two player quiz application can give you what you want. In many ways you will test your knowledge and you will certainly expand your perspective with the application.

2 Player Quiz Pro


5. Perceval Icon Pack

If you like to try different Launchers, I introduce you one more: Perceval Icon Pack. By using the application you can customize to suit yourself, you can experience the feeling of having a new phone.

Perceval Icon Pack



            5 Flip Android and iOS Game! (Free)

You can download and use this game and applications without paying 32 TL for you. All you have to do at this point is to keep your hand quick.