Space may not be as quiet as we are

According to a video shared by Gizmodo, space is not as quiet as we thought. According to the discovery made by scientists, black holes, gravitational forces, and gas clusters close to them make some rhythmic voices in space.

We know that there is no sound in space. Sound waves require environments that can transmit vibrations, such as liquid or gas, to create an audible sound. Space consists of a massive void.

Scientists at the Chandra X-ray Observatory made a strange discovery at the Heroic Cluster, which is about 240.1 million light years from Earth.

The gas contained in the cone received energy from a source and remained warm when it did not form a star. Okay, what was the source of this energy?

Apparently, the gas in the Heroic cluster was receiving energy from a black hole. At this point, the gases do not form a star, but they do not lose their heat. More importantly, this black hole was making voices in an unknown way.


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According to the researchers, some gases fall into the black hole by gravity of the black hole, while some gases are pushed out of the black hole. The encounter of this pull and push force causes the black hole to emit vibrations outward rhythmically, and the condensing gases cause the vibrations to propagate as sound.