Stabilcoin postpone Binance listing if it can not be stabilized

TrueUSD, launched by San Francisco-based TrustToken in March, is a digital money indexed to the US Dollar, similar to the Tether.

TrustToken says that the difference between Tether and TrueUSD is the individualization of US Dollar. The dollars are, according to the company, countless escrow accounts held by third-party partners.

Both Tether and TrueUSD are targeted at crypto-money users who want to avoid the volatility of crypto money and cross the dollar.

Sometimes, however, deviations from the idea of ​​stabilcoin can be seen in practice. Binance announced yesterday that he would list TrueUSD with his statement. Interestingly, TrueUSD, which is expected to remain at the same level as the USD, was valued at up to 40%. That is, there were users with 1 USD at 1.40 USD. Along with this picture, Binance delayed the listing of TrueUSD (TUSD). "Due to high demand, the TrueUSD project team needs more time to prepare with sufficient liquidity. Binance will postpone the commencement date of trade until May 22.

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