Tether, Montreal Bank employs AML manager and gives a strong message

Tether, the main provider of Fiat-backed digital tokens, has brought the former AML quality control manager of Montreal Bank to Leonardo Real as Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). It was reported that Leonardo Real was brought to the crypto money sector with the aim of "establishing a gold standard for legal compliance".

Leonardo Real joins Tether as CCO

Real is recognized as an experienced professional in the traditional finance industry. Tether continues to face questions about corporate accounting practices. Experience is not limited to Montreal Bank only. At the same time, he has experience in Managing General Agents (MGA) and Bridgeforce Financial, one of Canada's leading companies.

In August 2016, in Toronto, Canada, Blockchain, crypto money, and money were sold in August 2016. In addition, there is also an ACAMS Today publication on real money risks related to crypto money that Real, an experienced shareholder and futures trader, It is also known to organize the AML activity. The event brought together regulators, bankers, law enforcement professionals and corporations to discuss the future of responsible cryptographic money management.

Real Montreal Bank was in charge of former money laundering and quality control management

Tether Chairman Jean-Louis Van der Velde , finally made a statement about high-profile companies and said:

We are all very excited about seeing the current developments and Leonardo as the Chief Compliance Officer in the Tether. It was a remarkable process in changing the old financial system. Having the experience of managing AML risk in capital markets, wealth management and commercial banking sectors will be invaluable for our company when proven in the field of quality control management and strategy formulation, combined with experience.

Tether was put on the market in 2014 as the first active Blockchain platform to match digital tokens in 1: 1 ratio in fiat currencies. The company claims that it makes provisions in accordance with every contract it creates.

Real may respond to Manipulation Issue Questions

Tether's $ 2.54 billion support funding questions, including Freeh, Sporkin & Sullivan LLP (FSS), are now open to all interested parties. Tether was disturbed by the company's oversight of bank account documents earlier this year and random checks on USD currency reserves. In June, an article at the University of Texas called "Bitcoin really independent of the tether?" Put Tether at the center of the charges. And more recently, a report by Bloomberg blamed the company for both price manipulation and fraudulent transactions.

Tether completely rejected all such assertions, and in addition, by bringing the referral of an industry expert on regulations and compliance, We have a strong message to investors


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