The 'Cash Deposit' actually used in online games

The systems used in casino games can not be used exactly on the individual casinos. We have all heard the case always win and this is not an exaggeration, unfortunately. Because online casnolar really always win.

If you are not an expert in playing online casinos, you may be aware of something called 'profit share' or 'cash share'. This share represents the advantage that the casino has against you in the games on the platform. This advantage is usually expressed in a certain percentage, and there is a certain percentage of advantage in each slot on the casino, whether it is roulette, blackjack, poker.

But there is still hope for those who love this job. If it is flat, let's say the light looks at the end of the tunnel. A project that brings a whole new breath to the online casino industry, aims to completely remove injustice and injustice made under the name of cashier.

ZeroEdge aims to change the structure of online games in the root. As we have already mentioned above, each online casino game has a certain share of cash, and the percentage of this share can vary between 1 percent and 10 percent.

ZeroEdge also has its own token, and this token has a certain amount of supply. So as more people demand this token, the value of the token will increase. That is the same logic as the price mechanism in Bitcoin. ZeroEdge is aiming to fundamentally change the casino industry, now worth around $ 70 billion.

A recent survey by the ZeroEdge team asked people about their experiences with online casinos. According to the survey results, 99% of the participants prefer a casinoy with no cash deposit.

You can learn more about Zerocoin and ICO in this forum: Zerocoin

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