The Expected OnePlus 6 Box Expansion (Video)

OnePlus 6 was officially introduced after the event in London today. I will be watching the box opening of the OnePlus 6, which is a higher version of the OnePlus 5T.

The long-awaited curious expectation is over today and the OnePlus 6 is officially introduced today. Designed in a highly stylish way, the phone is obviously also eye-catching with its software and hardware features. We explained the first impressions of the phone in detail for you immediately after the event. At this point, you can access all the features of OnePlus 6 by clicking on the relevant newsletter below. Come and see what happens in the box.


            OnePlus 6 Officially Announced! Here All Features

Geekyranjit videotape taken by YouTube channel In the box, we first received the OnePlus 6 Mirror Black model. There is also a pre-installed protective screen that shows the phone is a brand new device. Immediately we see the Type-C cable and the 5V-4A power adapter. Besides these, in the box;

In addition to all these, you can only watch the video if you want it, you can watch it in Turkish partly with the auto dial option by pressing the settings button on the bottom right of the content