The first crypto money market to use Nasdaq's technology is opening

 The stock market that will use Nasdaq's technology is not active in the US
The stock market that will use Nasdaq's technology is not active in the US

The first crypto money stock to use the technology of US stock exchange Nasdaq announced its opening next month

DX stock exchange will not charge for purchase price

Daniel Skowronski, CEO of the Stock Exchange, will power the new crypto money exchange DX from Nasdaq, the second largest stock exchange in the world after the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) technology. Daniel Skowronski said that the upcoming stock exchange would be the one stop shop for wallet services as well as keeping the fiat and crypt money coins and crypto moneys.

The DX exchange will not charge a purchase price and will include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin will provide the largest 6 crypto parcels on the market.

The stock market, which will use Nasdaq's technology, is not active in the US

Daniel Skowronski made the following statement about the subject: "I do not want to buy a token,

We support Blockchain technology. And we are capable of helping to advance this ecosystem, ensuring that the good ones are promoted by identifying tokens.

Daniel Skowronski said US investors are not yet able to benefit from the stock market, but managers of the stock market are in contact with regulators in the United States. Last month, Nasdaq's CEO Adena Friedman said that Nasdaq might consider becoming a crypto money exchange if the market is more regulated.