The price of IOTA, which has partnered with the world's giant automobile companies, has risen!

The IOTA Foundation has joined leading organizations in the consortium to explore the new mobility ecosystem and distributed notebook technology (DLT). One of the world's largest automobile companies; The price of IOTA, which joined the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), the largest consortium focused on implementing Blockchain technology in the automotive sector along with BMW, General Motors, Ford, Bosch, IBM and Renault, increased by 17%. The IOTA Foundation wants to explore the innovations of Blockchain

The IOTA Foundation (IOTA), Bosch, Groupe Renault, BMW, Ford, General Motors, IBM and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) leaders to form a new mobility industry consortium that promotes joint development of DLT standards, pilot projects and projects.

DLT is committed to developing driving safety and affordability, supporting autonomous and electric vehicle development and infrastructure,

 The price of IOTA, which partners with the world's largest automobile companies, has risen sharply!
The price of IOTA, which partners with the world's giant automobile companies, has risen sharply !

MOBI, the largest joint venture in the automotive industry

Today, IOTA has joined MOBI to explore Blockchain and distributed notebook technology for use in the development of a digital mobility ecosystem that can make transport more secure, more cost-effective. IOTA collaborates with MOBI and other industry, government and non profit-making partners to promote a digital environment in which users and consumers can safely record driving data, manage driving and car transactions, and store vehicle identity.

is actively working with companies that own more than 70% of the vehicle production in terms of market share. MOBI is the largest joint venture in the automotive industry.

IOTA and its partners believe that DLT can create transparency and trust among users

DLT believes that transactions are safe and data confidential, proprietary, and proprietary. send information over a network of independent computers known as distributed notebooks aimed at protecting the rights and integrity. IOTA and its partners believe that DLT can create transparency and trust among users, reduce the risk of fraud, and reduce mobility and transaction costs such as third-party fees or surcharges. In the joint statement of IOTA's founding partners Dominik Schiener and David Sonstebo, there are the following statements:

The industry, which has become a member of the MOBI and that sets the pace of the potential of the mobility industry to create the potential of DLT, a smooth, safe and affordable mobility experience we are proud to cooperate with other leading global companies to guide their standards. As the world begins to realize the enormous potential of centralized accounting technology, it is important to establish the basic functions of a scalable ecosystem based on open source, collaboration and continuous innovation principles that embrace a broader technology.

 The price of IOTA, which partners with the world's largest automobile companies,</figcaption></figure><h3> IOTA is looking forward to working on projects related to MOBI</h3><p> With an open source approach to software tools and standards, the MOBI consortium will be able to promote the use of DLT applications as autonomous vehicles and mobility and encourage faster and more scalable adoption by other companies that develop services. IOTA is pleased to join MOBI to collaborate with global partners on the development of DLT-enabled vehicle data and mobility services applications. IOTA is looking forward to working on projects related to MOBI:</p><ul><li> Supply chain identification, transparency and efficiency</li><li> Autonomous machine and vehicle payments</li><li> Secure mobility ecosystem trading</li><li> Data markets for autonomous and human driving</li><li> Car sharing</li><li> Vehicles, insurance, energy, congestion, pollution, infrastructure etc.</li></ul><p> MOBI President and CEO Chris Ballinger made the following statement:</p><blockquote><p> Bringing together automobile manufacturers, suppliers, new companies and government agencies to adopt Blockchain for the benefit of businesses, consumers and communities We can accelerate. We hope that other industry stakeholders are adopting this technology to create a new, clean, safe, on demand, reliable and affordable ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of this technology.</p></blockquote><h3> Information on the IOTA Foundation</h3><p> a purpose-built establishment. The IOTA Foundation's mission is to support the development and standardization of new distributed notebook technologies, including IOTA Tangle. IOTA Tangle is an innovative DLT type specially designed for the Internet of Objects (IOT) environment. It is an open source protocol that facilitates new machine-to-machine (M2M) interactions, including secure data transfer, real-time micro payments that are not subcontracted, and sensor-based and collection and distribution of other "oracle" and other types.</p></p><p style= Blog.iota