"The SEC's expected decision could lead to more volatility in Bitcoin"

Senior market analyst Mati Greenspan from eToro, a trading platform, wrote in Business Insider that Bitcoin and Ethereum are likely to be classified as assets in the legislature, which could lead to more volatility in the crypto money market.

Greenspan writes

"Can Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other crypto money be considered as securities?

This question on the agenda continues to come to the social media and e-mail account, so to present your open idea in this regard

There is growing speculation that SEC will call some crypt money as securities, and if this happens, cryptography can cause excessive volatility in the money market, which is more than ever.

If something is classified as securities must be subject to the same laws and regulations as financial assets Name. This requires registration with the competent authorities and taxation in this way.

For example, a new ETF, in which the Winklevoss twins are patented, will be classified as a security.

For those of you who remember this experiment, in 2016 DAO tokens were accepted as securities by the SEC. "