The US is Preparing to Build Space Forces in 2020

US officials, who have begun to work on instructions given by Donald Trump over the past few months, are aiming for new space forces to begin their referral in 2020.

Donald Trump, apart from the US Air Force, he had to use a space force for.

Mike Pence, Vice President of Space, says that space is no longer peaceful and not far from the competition. saying that the United States should take the necessary precautions in this regard. It is time to write down the next major chapter in the history of our armed forces, to imply that China and Russia intensify space rivalry and that the US does not intend to abandon the superiority of the longevity. "Preparing for the next battlefield, deterring and defeating the new generation of threats to our country and our people


It's time to set up the US Space Forces.
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However, these decisions need to be approved by the Congress for the sake of making a living, and in Pence they expressed the expectation of support from the Congress. In the past, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who opposed this decision but later supported the progeny in some way, disclosed his ideas by presenting a recommendation report.