The Way of Life Was Found on Mars; Soilless Greenhouse Tubes

On Mars, life continues to maintain its place on the agenda.

As humans, we continue to consume the world's resources rapidly and have already begun to search for life on a different planet in response to the accompanying catastrophic scenarios. The first of these new living space alternatives is Mars. Elon Musk claims that this is one of the most sought-after names and will lead to the first visits to the red planet in 2024.

Musk, who also said that they are working for a colony of 1 million people in the long run, not given. NASA has been working on this issue for almost 15 years. The most promising of these studies is the 'hydroponic greenhouses' used for soilless agriculture.

Valery Polyakov, who spent the longest time in space as far as the present, lived in Mir Space Station for 14 months. The longest time spent in an extraterrestrial planet is three days in December 1972 during the full mission of Apollo 17. So, although we have dreamed of living on another planet, we have not made much progress in this matter yet.

The aim of the hydroponic greenhouses that Arizona University and NASA have conducted together is precisely this; to make people live on another planet. In fact, this project is quite old. The project, which has been explored and developed since 1987, has suffered from a period of lack of material resources and some unforeseen events in NASA. But life on Mars is now seen as a serious option, in which the firing of the progeny is reignited.

How do these seras called 'Mars Lunar Greenhouse' work?

Each unit consists of a light aluminum frame and a tug built around a lighting fixture that is tilted by four meters. The installation of the unit lasts only 10 minutes if two people work together and is sized to fit in an ordinary space vehicle. The plastic hoses on the inside carry water to the plant roots and are controlled by the computer for maximum efficiency.


            According to scientists, the possibility of not living in space close to zero!

These tubes, which also have a system that can digest human and plant wastes, can also filter out water. Two options are available for the required light. Light can be obtained with the aid of LEDs and can be obtained from outside using fiber condenser and fiberoptic cabling. It is said that this system will cover 100% of the air and water needed on Mars or the Moon, and 50% of the food.

What are the activities conducted worldwide?

China is one of the most developed countries in life on another planet. NASA has a similar project in favor of the time lost by all kinds of problems and has gained a lot of speed in their work and 4 students succeeded to spend 200 days by locking them in the progen vehicle called 'Lunar Palaca-1'.


            Space X Stable in Navigating the Moon Tourists this Year

SpaceX, which makes the most ambitious explanations about colonization on Mars, does not yet know what kind of work it is in this issue because the company refuses to talk or give information about it