The world's first Blockchain-based state to be introduced at the Decenturion, Consensus

The world's first decentralized, Blockchain-based state, the Decenturion, will be introduced at the Consensus 2018 conference in New York next week.

For the first time in human history there will be no people who turn their gains into taxes on the state,

The economy of Decenturion, working in the blockchain tekonology, has two separate, irreplaceable and complementary ties to each other:

Physically a citizen and legally a startup.

Decenturion is given a role to every citizen and the importance of the role is determined by the number of Decenturion tokens that one has.

Decenturion values ​​its citizens very much.

The first citizens of Decenturion will be one of the top 100 names in the world of Blockchain, and they will be the most important journalists in the sector.

According to projections, every citizen of the country can expect to earn $ 15,000 or more a year.

The first passports will be given in New York City conferences and will provide the following benefits to their owners:

Decenturion token

– the right to sell Startup tokens

– the right to sell Decenturion tokens and withdraw new citizens

when it comes to Decenturion Startups, this is where token to the citizens of the state, so that the

When they transfer their tokens to the residents of Decenturion, the startup will not only be reached by the users, but at the same time, interested in selling atartup's tokens,

The citizens of the Decenturion will give priority to the startups who can use the tokens as a true tool already supported by a product.

The tokens of the Decenturion state require citizens to obtain their passports

Based on projections on the potential number of Decenturion citizens, it is planned to release 30 million tokens.

The ideology of the new country is not to create the most populous state. Instead it focuses on qualitative features. (income level, education, IT / Blockchain literacy, professional qualifications, etc.)

Estimated revenue per citizen will be equal to 15,000 dollars a year.

Relationships between the country and its citizens are arranged by a clever contract.

After activating the passport, the new citizen receives a copy of a passable copy of the passport, a personal web page in the general internet community of the state (landing page) and a guide on how to participate in the economic activity.

In order to become a citizen, the user must activate the Decenturion passport.

When entering the decenturion's internal market, the StartUps can distribute tokens across the country nationals free of charge to the extent of the Decenturion tokens.

Citizens have the right to reject, accept or sell offerings offered.

19659002] The tokens of the Startups can be sold to the citizens at their own discretion.

As a new legal resident of the Decenturion, millions of potential users, hundreds of thousands of dealers, millions of dealers,

The cost of a marketing campaign with similar coverage and economic outcomes can reach tens of millions of dollars, with tens of thousands of citizens promoting the project and thousands of professional consultants.

Today, Decenturion uses the tools of direct democracy and allows citizens to be fully and independently politically independent of the economic and social lives of the world's first Blockchain-based state, both visually and beyond their borders.

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