There are two big projects for Jupiter's Europa

It is thought that Jupiter's best-known satellites could have a gigantic ocean of life discovered earlier in Europa.

The discovery of the Galileo named spacecraft, which NASA sent in 1989 to reach Jupiter in 1995, it might be giving some answers about life. Scientists say that some of the images captured by Galileo are proof of the existence of a gigantic ocean at Europa.

Galileo is said to have collided with a kind of fluid-laden cloud of luck originating from Europa, allowing the observation of fluid vapor.

It is believed that the car supports this knowledge. This points to the presence of an ocean on Europe, or the fact that the ice will soon form an ocean. Researchers who are confident that this information is correct will also think that similar events will be experienced and examined in the future.

It is also said that new research by NASA and ESA may be an answer to whether or not there is life in the ocean created in Europa. Volcanic eruption particles from Io, a volcanic satellite near Europa, are thought to be able to collapse to the bottom of the Europa ocean and be used as food.


            NASA, this evening will make a very important statement about extraterrestrial life!

The latest information about the satellite The Hubble telescope was acquired in 2014 and there was no evidence of the presence of the ocean, although there were some doubts. This possibility, however, allowed the researchers to examine the 1995 data. Scientists who have looked at historical past have realized that the evidence is actually obtained in 1995, but not as accurate as it is now.

not only the evidence that you are water, but also that you have the opportunity to examine that water.

The space agency JUICE, the space agency of the European Space Agency (ESA), will be on the way in 2022 and will be near Europa in 2030. In the same way, . It is thought that the data obtained from this vehicle will illuminate the world of extraterrestrial life. Europa Clipper, another project, is expected to sign much larger projects with a budget of 2 billion dollars. The vehicle that will approach Europa after the flight expected to be launched between the years 2022-2025 will be positioned so that there is little distance between the satellites.


            It has been proven that the orbit of the Earth has not changed with the influence of Jupiter and Venus!

On this count, the vehicle, which is said to smell and taste the atmosphere of Europa, will get a lot of information about water governance and life signs. The results of the projects are likely to begin to arrive at the beginning of the 2030s and to talk about many years. Though there is no clear proof at this time, our knowledge and belief about extraterrestrial life is increasing day by day. The latest projects of NASA and ESA seem to give us a lot of information.