Thomson Reuters is launching an innovation that will mark the crypto market!

Thomson Reuters is launching a real-time fee data feed for crypto money. The new service is expected to provide "reliable, real-time information" for the six digital funds in the major crypto exchanges.

Six crypto money can be viewed in real time

The new crypto money real-time rates can be accessed via a customized API interface on the Thomson Reuters Eikon platform.

Reuters' goal is to promote efficiency and transparency for global market crypto currency investors. . The application will provide commercial data from various crypto exchanges including Bitflyer and Bitpoint. According to the Reuters report, more trading platforms will be added in the future.

The statement came after a recent Thomson Reuters survey revealed that financial companies would most likely increase their transactions with crypt money this year. Approximately 20 percent of the 400 finance companies participating in the study are considering entering commercial cryptographic assets within 12 months. This means that unexplained businesses are planning to make direct contact with the crypto currencies in 2018.

The pricing for real-time rates will include six cryptographic funds for which no protocol is specified. The introduction of the service to the market can be interpreted as a sign of the idea that Reuters' digital trading class should be adopted on their trading platforms. In December, mass media and information giant added Bitcoin Cash to Eikon. Thus, BCH was the third crypto currency listed on the platform after Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Ethereum.

It was noteworthy that the latest release came after CME Group announced a pricing spot for Ecodeum on a daily basis. . The service will be provided through a partnership with the crypto currency trading platform Crypto Facilities.

Earlier this year, Thomson Reuters Corp. Marketpsych Indices has released a new version of the sensitivity data feed, including an analysis of Bitcoin's market sentiment. reported in March that the service was provided in cooperation with Marketpsych Data LLC. 400 news and social media sites, including a lot of crypto-specific people, have been added. Each one is scanned and scored in real time to determine market movements and themes.

Thomson Reuters thinks massive growth of the market creates a strong momentum

According to Michael Go, head of foreign exchange market development for Thomson Reuters Asia Pacific Market,

Michael Go's explanations on the subject were as follows:

Thomson Reuters crypto money real-time rates, improve our price offer, and investors are willing to invest in the crypto money market.

Bitflyer co-founder and CEO, Yuzo Kano, said:

Bitflyer is the world's largest crypto money exchange as

He also noted that Bitflyer is the first company to have licensed crypto money trading in Japan, the US and Europe, and is happy to be able to offer customers worldwide valuable information through Thomson Reuters.

The president and representative of Bitpoint, Genki Chamber, expressed satisfaction with the partnership in real-time rates:

We are pleased to cooperate with Thomson Reuters by further improving our services.


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