Tim Draper: Bitcoin The Safest Port You Can PAY

Tim Draper, owner of an investment company, also known as Draper Fisher Jurvetson, one of America's most important investment coins, once again made very positive statements about Bitcoin. Speaking about Bitcoin in a program he attended at CNBC, Draper claimed that Bitcoin is the best thing to invest right now.

Much Better than Paying Fee

Draper, known for his always positive comments about Bitcoin, adding this week;

Bitcoin is the nicest tool you can put your money on in the program that CNBC is participating in. Using Draper's expression, he continues:

"There is really a great change and transformation at this point. I think we are very fortunate to have the chance to hear the footsteps of a much better currency like Bitcoin. We are talking about a currency that is entirely world-wide. Not to be centralized, safe, more effective and more usable. There is no business with the banks. This is Bitcoin, a currency that allows people to send money from the Philippines to Mexico without any conditions.

Bitcoin can not be hacked

Draper's comment on Bitcoin, of course, is that everyone in the world is not participating. There are also those who have doubts about Bitcoin or who have been skeptical of Bitcoin since the very beginning. Draper said he did not participate in these people, although some people still say it is a big boost for state-funded nominal money and continue to do everything for the rest of the traditional banking industry. Draper said:

"All those banks you are defending are attacking on the attack. Hackers are doing their job to find the exploits in your banks and steal your reputation money. Bankers are also working with existing forces to prevent this, but it seems that they can not succeed in blocking these attacks. But that is not the case at Bitcoin. Nobody can hack Bitcoin, never! This is the safest way to put your money. I think it will develop even further as a unit of value. "

Referring to the incredible collapse of the country's economies using coin money, Draper also made analyzes of this situation.

"If you were living in Argentina, Venezuela or Nigeria, you would see that your money depreciated by almost 30 per cent every year," Draper pointed out those who lived in Argentina and Venezuela in the last two South American countries. These countries are really very difficult. People have to witness their investments and their gains.

Bitcoin has not been influenced by political developments, indicating that Bitcoin will be the future of the world.

Bitcoin is not influenced by political developments, he said: "Bitcoin's summit There are hundreds of reasons to go out. If this happens, it will be a great revolution. I am really looking forward to the moment when this will happen. It is particularly gratifying to see that we want to have a currency that is not particularly influenced by political developments, interstate dialogue, and it is developments in this direction. It would be a big improvement for people to be able to carry out their business without worrying about political developments. "