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While preparing to change BlockChain, TRON has also gone through radical changes in its website. Many authorities have commented that TRON's move is a message, while some analysts have claimed that TRON is making such a move to give it a more mature image.

A brand new Web site

's website has undergone a renovation.

The TRON Foundation used the following statement in its statement on the subject:

"The redesigned website of TRON is now ready for use. Our main goal here is to be able to transfer the development of the project to you simultaneously. Various optimizations and improvements were made on the site. TRX Market Performance plug-in will enable TRON to follow the broader picture, especially now that the market performance of TRON can be seen and the latest news on TRON can be followed from a single source. At the same time, we will redesign our website with a more user-friendly interface and ease of use. "

At the same time, there is also a counter on the site. How much time is left on the new update on the counter. At the moment this figure is 14 days.

The site also has a section that will inform newcomers and help them learn important things about TRON. A map of all the nodes in the TRON Blockchain is also available on the site. At the moment there are 72 active nodes and there are total 176 thousand 13 blocks in the total blockchain. The number of hourly transactions is 1165.

In addition, TRON's performance will be tracked in the TRX's order, as well as data on how many people hold TRX.

s Ethereum Blockchain to his own Blockchain.

Sun, buterin'a TRON'ın chain of TRON Justin Sun and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and this endless debate, because it is better than Ethereum because of its structure; Buterin is uploaded to Sun via Twitter; white papers.

Following the blockade change of TRON; many authorities think that this is TRX's self-examination. Let's see if the TRX can succeed in passing the Ethereum over the long haul