Trump's Effort ZTE could not Save!

The Chinese firm ZTE, which suffered a huge blow from the US market, was the victim of commercial tensions between the two countries. Support for the company, which halted production after the crises, came directly from US President Trump. Trump's call for support did not prevent sanctions against ZTE.

ZTE, one of the world's leading manufacturers of communications technology, recognized many of their smartphones. The Chinese company actually produces satellite communications systems that have a larger business volume than this area, and sales to different parts of the world, especially US-based operators.

The implementation of heavy commercial sanctions against the Chinese firm by the US has also increased the tensions between the two countries. ZTE, which ended its partnership in the USA with a political decision on the axis of all relations, recently announced that it stopped production. President Donald Trump then called for financial support for the return of ZTE.

The rationale that the US put forward to enforce sanctions on ZTE was that the company seized data from US citizens. ZTE, which is the fourth largest smartphone maker in the country, was forced to sell hardware and equipment to US companies. Due to a seven-year ban on trade, the company entered the crisis. On the other side, it was alleged that the company sent illegal means to Iran and North Korea for equipment manufactured for the United States.

ZTE's lawyers made a great effort to break the decision. The last Sunday was taken directly by Trump.

China and the United States are two of the world's two largest economies, with a worldwide network of commercial tensions. The first victim of work involving billions of dollars was ZTE.

The White House has not yet responded to any comments on the decision taken.