Turkish Scientist, Important Invention on Genetic Diseases

Ege University Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Onay has signed a very important breakthrough that will revolutionize the detection of genetic diseases.

Assoc. Dr. Huseyin Onay, a 30-day period for the detection of genetic diseases in newborn babies, the process will be down to 3 hours was a wonderful invention.

The most important aspect of this invention is that it can be used to diagnose diseases in many countries suffering from medical imperfections. In short, countries that can not detect genetic diseases even within 30 days will be able to reach this result in a short time with this method.

Hüseyin Onay, who stated that they have developed an important project in terms of both cost and achievement, said: "We foresee that this system will become one of the reference methods in newborn screening in the world.

It is planned to use the developed device in the first stage for the detection of 10 different genetic diseases, and finally, it is planned that the device is 'domestic and national' by software. "

" The system is a process that is supported by the software side as much as it is genetically, "Hüseyin Onay said. We have dropped the process to 3 hours, which is faster than ever in the world, normally ending in about 30 days. Within 3 hours we have developed a system in which we can determine if a newborn is sick for the most common diseases. This will be an evolving process. We will shorten the period further, it will drop by 2 hours. We will increase the number of diseases to 30, 50. Thus, there will be a system that can be used easily not only in our country but also in the world. "


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