Updated iPhone Deals in Turkey!

showing the reason for the increase in the dollar rate, Apple has updated the iPhone price in Turkey. The iPhone X, which already has an astronomical feat, has now become a luxury.

Apple, one of the world's greatest technology brands, introduced the iPhone X the year of the company's special 10th year of the smartphone series. . The starting price of $ 999 responses worldwide astronomical prices in Turkey while collecting device 'Not now,' he stumped.

Since the introduction of the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, the Turkish lira has been severely depreciated against the Dollar. Fluctuations in the dollar rate increase, all electronic products are gradually hitting the Apple iPhone deals in Turkey would continue to hold steady. Until … until today because of the increase in the dollar rate shows Apple has updated the iPhone price in Turkey.


            Apple prepares to market bombs

64GB iPhone sales price of X while Turkey From 7499 to TL 6099; The price of the 256 iPhone X also increased from £ 6,899 to £ 8,599. Thus, Turkey is already the most expensive iPhone in the smart phone sold X, has opened more the price gap with competitors. This is true for now. In the following period, other companies can update their device prices in parallel with the increase in the exchange rate.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have lost all their "affordable" titles with new prices. While the price of 64GB iPhone 8 was increased from 4.199 TL to 5.199 TL; The price of 256GB iPhone 8 has been increased from 4,999 TL to 6,299 TL. There is a similar price increase for iPhone 8 Plus. The price of 64GB iPhone 8 Plus has been increased from 4.799 TL to 5.899 TL; The price of the 256GB iPhone 8 Plus also increased from £ 5,599 to £ 6,999.