USA's New York State Crypto Money Mines Cheap Electric Verecek

Crypto-money mining is often spoken of in ways that can damage the environment and cause too much electricity consumption. The New York State in the US is looking for ways to give cheaper electricity to crypto-miners.

The Mining House in New York

In New York State, a proposal was made on crypto money miners' electricity consumption. This proposal suggested amendments to the price quotations applied to the miners in order for crypto money miners to get cheaper electricity.

The municipal town of Massena, a little outside of New York City, will make new contracts specific to the crypto money miners.

It is somewhat surprising that such a development took place in New York because in March the 36 states in the United States decided to go on an increase in the price tariffs applied to crypto money miners.

We can say that the cheap electricity prices in New York have gotten a lot of attention from crypto money miners. Iceland, Quebec, China, as well as places frequented by miners in New York. However, non-mining local citizens worry about an increase in electricity bills if too many miners arrive in their neighborhoods. The New York State was also looking for ways to please ordinary citizens as well as citizens interested in mining. John Rhodes, president of the New York State Department of Public Services, said in a statement on the subject:

"We must ensure that customers who appear to be a company receive electricity at affordable prices. However, we can say that if we look at the cheap electricity prices in places outside New York City, there is a lot of opportunity to satisfy our current customers and to encourage economic development in the region. "

New York has many hydroelectric power plants municipalities outside the city are able to supply cheap electricity at this address. For example, in the area called Massena, customers pay 3.9 cents per kW / h, which is around 13 cents in the US