Version 5 of iOS 11.4 Beta on iPhone and iPad Served

Apple constantly releases new beta releases, this time iOS 11.4 5th beta has been used. A few new features have been fixed with the update.

The fourth beta release of iOS 11.4 has been around for a week. Apple is now using the fifth beta version of iOS 11.4. The beta version of iOS 11.4 includes things like AirPlay 2 and iCloud messages. Separately, a new wallpaper for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is also available.


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All the features that come with iOS 11.4 are listed below:

Beta 1

– The messages feature on iCloud came back. The messaging feature was not available on the phone after the testing phase, although it was on iOS 11.3 Beta.

-AirPlay 2, exclusive use for tvOS users.

-HomePod stereo support is in beta release. Because it also required beta product software.

Beta 2

-HomePod stereo feature came, but HomePod did not work without beta.

-Phone 8 and 8 Plus New wallpapers came to the RED.

Beta 3-5

– HomePod now supports calendar application.