We are at the beginning of everything token

Jeremy Allaire, co-founder and CEO of Circle's payment companies at MoneyConf, the Crypto and FinTech conference, talked about an unprecedented crypto revolution, stating that the global community is at the beginning of everything tokenization.

Blockchain is now preparing to revolutionize every aspect of finance and reinvent its public and civil services in its image:

"Just as the internet has transformed data and communications,"

"Blockchain is an open global, fixed transaction processing system, you can re-conceptualize every aspect of finance globally … all the systems we use to make corporate and social decisions … "

In the speech of Allaire, every kind of value storage and public record is a free market value

Allaire also said that with cryptographic assets, your home, your car, or your art can be tortured and open global financial relationships around any physical property can be established.

Allaire also summarizes a vision of a globalized economy and society that has become a crypto-token,

Last month, Circle completed a $ 110 million fundraising round, led by mining equipment maker Bitmain, jointly funded to develop a US dollar-backed stable coin. Circle's USDC will be an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network and will be published by Circle in the summer. The investment has brought Circle's value nearly $ 3 billion, nearly tripling since 2016.