What are the Meaning of Names of Important World Cities?

The map named Literal Translations of Cities Around the World, which contains the world's most known 191 cities, which we all often hear about, shared the lyrical meanings of the cities that prevailed.

A boring, When we look at the map, we encounter some important world cities that we often hear. By most people; (Los Angeles – Melekler), the names of these cities are wondering, but many people do not bother to search for it.


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We can say that this kind of deficiency is contrary to the researcher and curious aspect of the Turkish people, especially in our culture that loves to learn the meaning of the name of every person in the world.

On the Go Tours, a tourism company called Literal Translations of Cities, saves us a great deal of trouble, bringing our 191 major world cities with a very practical way of identifying names. . In this map, which separates the arrival points of the names under five different category roofs, it is possible to reach the meaning of these 191 cities under the titles of 'human, nature, animal, emotion, man made things'. It is possible to talk about dozens of city names that can attract our attention on the map, which also contains Ankara, one of the most distinguished cities of our country, and which has the name meaning 'ship iron and anchor'. We are delighted to share this list with you in alphabetical order to make your work a little easier.


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Amsterdam: Dam over water
Ashgabat: Love city
Athens: Beach
Baku: Windy city
Berlin: wetlands, arable land suitable for farming
Brussels: house on Mars
Budapest: Water-hob
Buenos Aires: Beautiful winds
Bucharest: joy, happiness city
Dublin: Blackpool
Shower room: Monday
Cairo: Winner
Copenhagen: Traders' port
Jerusalem: The Holy Place
Nicosia: White city of Gods
Lisbon: Safe harbor
Los Angeles: Angels
Minsk: Market place
Moscow: River
Nayrobi: Cold waters
Beijing: capital city in the north
Prague: Gateway
Rio de Janeiro: January (January) river
Rome: Strong
Singapore: Lion city
Sofia: Wisdom
Vienna: White castle
Tehran: Modern
Tbilisi: Ilıcalar
Tokyo: capital in the east

The work titled "Literal Translations of Cities", which brings us to our minds, brings together a wealth of knowledge that is quite useful in terms of general culture, even though it is an English resource.