WhatsApp Tests New Feature

A new feature added to the WhatsApp beta is to clearly show the source of the message being sent to the user.

WhatsApp, which recently attracted the new level of functionality to new developments,


Many options have been successfully violated, such as disabling the blue tiki, communicating the talk to other group or person in a practical way, closing the last seen date.
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All of these enhancements have been tested today in the beta version of WhatsApp, and have now become successful. Now there is a new development in the eyes of WhatsApp. As you all know, whatsApp conversation you have with a user can be transferred to a different WhatsApp group or contacts, if desired. The team, who wanted to make this option more reliable, was in the process of being able to report the source of the message to the communicating person.

The feature tested in the beta version plans to avoid confusion by showing the source of the message directly. Of course, it is not known yet whether this developer will be affected by copied messages. However, it is possible to say that the first steps of a successful development in the sense of "trust" have been taken.