Why does Steem (STEEM) want to forget the last month?

In general, cryptography has been filled with high and low values ​​for the majority of currencies over the last few months. In an optimistic environment in April, some currencies, which have proven to be invaluable as markets have increased, have seen the highest levels of all time. Steem himself took his share of this rise. Steem (STEEM) peaked at $ 4.62 during a bull run in mid-April.

Steem (STEEM) was seriously affected by Coinrail's hacking

Of course Steem had some climbs during this time we saw you trying to do. However, these were short and generally useless outcomes. The general trend was negative, and for that reason maybe Steem wants to forget the last month. Of course this is not the end of Steem. We underline that Steem is fighting for the climb in the near future. However, this is something that should be taken into consideration by future investors. In general, Steem is a very promising platform

 Why does Steem (STEEM) want to forget the last month
Why does Steem (STEEM) want to forget the last month?

During writing, Steem fell by 13% It's trading at $ 81. Steem is now ranked 34th with a market value of $ 470 million. South Korea-based crypto-money stock Coinrail has been exposed to an attack that resulted in the theft of various subcodes. Steem is suffering a major blow from the current market downturn after this hack.

Steem (STEEM) worries investors with recent price movements

But before that, Steem did not perform well. Prior to the hack, Steem traded at $ 2.20 off the high end of May at $ 3.9. Steem managed to keep prices between $ 2 and $ 3 between late April and early June. This does not show that the end of the crypto money has come. But the current market environment is making Steem even worse. Investors are expecting Steem to recover with anxiety. Cryptodaily

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