You can try the Racing Game Crew 2 for free

Ubisoft announced that Crew 2, the next generation of the popular racing game Crew, will come out on June 26th. The company will be presenting a free closed beta experience for 4 days to the system registrants.

It has been reported that the popular open world racing game Crew will be pleased with the number of days for the continuation of the series. Ubisoft has set the closed beta date for Crew 2, which he had previously announced. Ubisoft, who had previously registered for the closed beta but did not disclose the date, decided to start the closed beta on May 31 and finish on June 4.

Ubisoft is still keeping records for those who want to test the closed beta with early access. Although it is not certain that anyone who registers can play it, beta testing will be turned off to a large majority in terms of testing.

As of May 29, those who qualify for the closed beta will be able to download the test version of the game. The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Crew 2, which you can play on your PCs, are expected by gaming enthusiasts. The pre-sale game is available here for your computer, for Playstation here and for the Xbox One.