You may not be innocent until you want to consume less alcohol

The recent researches contain important data about what many things we know correctly are actually wrong.

A recent survey of addictions has shown that people who use active alcohol are less likely to leave their sick leave. This research was conducted on a team of men and women. In a study conducted with adults living in England, Finland and France, 1 to 11 units of alcohol and 1 to 34 units of alcohol were given to a group and another group, respectively. In addition, it is worth noting that one unit of drink was equivalent to 12 grams of alcohol.

The report covering both genders was astonished by the fact that those who did not drink alcohol were much more uncomfortable than those who used it. Patients were noted to have a higher risk of unemployment due to acute problems such as respiratory distress, digestive conditions, musculoskeletal disorders and mental illnesses. Findings from the study showed that men and women who consumed less than 11 units of alcohol and 34 units of weekly had a higher risk of poisoning and injury.


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Dr. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Jenni Ervasti, "Some diseases and treatments affect the use of alcohol in certain areas. It is inevitable that risky drinking causes health problems, but it is very likely that less drinkers are also sick.

This study in Europe suggests that the probability of receiving a sick leave between high-alcohol drinkers and risky drinkers is high. Lesser amounts of alcohol than others show that they also carry risks and, in some cases, become more easily ill. This work was done with 47,000 people and lasting 4-7 years. Between 1985 and 2004, participants gave information about their own consumption trends, which was influential in achieving results.

Along with research that yielded incredible data, alcohol gave important clues as to the impact and role of people on their health and therefore the frequency of illnesses at work It is seen. Findings from time to time show that taking alcohol also makes human health vulnerable to risks. Of course, this news should not be construed as an incentive for alcohol, as it means that you should buy more alcohol instead of less alcohol.