You Will Be Amazed When You Learn 12 Information

OK, I have no end to learning.

What do you mean by Socrates?

What are we talking about? "There is only one good: knowledge! There is only one evil: ignorance!" So, well, let's try to learn as much as we can and learn as much as we can … And here are twelve strange and interesting pieces of information about your peace.

1. An average of 40,000 US citizens per year are injured by toilets.

2. The famous actor, Nicolas Cage, once bought a domestic octopus. Because he thought this octopus could contribute to his acting ability.

3. In a healthy man, there is enough sperm to consume all the women in the world.

4. The Vatican is the country that drinks the most wine in the world with an average consumption of 74 liters per capita.

5. The human brain remembers more negative memories than positive ones. The reason for this is the tendency of the brain to set up as a defensive mechanism.

6. Following his death, Napoléon Bonaparte's pen was removed from his body during the autopsy, exhibited in the museum, and sold in the 1970s for about $ 2,700.

7. Kellogg's, in 1907, a bizarre advertising campaign against corn was organized. If a woman winked at the grocery store, the grocery store gave her a box of corn for free.

8. Research shows that men feel more emotional pain after separation than women

9. In Ancient Rome men swore on their testimony that they had made the right testimony when they were released to the court.

10. The sunglasses make people look more attractive. Because a soft-lined face gives the impression that there is a sharp bone structure.

11. Some people have a feeling of being stimulated when they are thinking of food, just as it is during sex.

12. While reading, people are consciously inclined to treat the essential qualities of imaginary characters as they are. This phenomenon is called 'experience-taking'.






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