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Gigantic volcanic eruptions in Hawaii and Guatemala recently revealed once again how much we should be careful about the volcanoes. What are the volcanoes that we should worry about the most right now?

We can not know exactly when the volcanic eruptions will happen at 100%; but at this point the work is going on rapidly and the technological developments are progressing more and more.

When estimating the time horizons for the volcanoes to explode, we can not give clear estimates for the next few years. Instead, estimating that they will not explode in the next century will give more successful results.

If we do not count the volcanoes on the ocean floor, there are now more than 550 active volcanoes on our planet. Of these 550 volcanoes, only those in major countries are regularly observed. We do not have much information about the others. For example, until the time of Pinatubo in 1991 in the Philippines, we had almost no knowledge.

Today, more work is being done to observe more volcanoes; but these studies do not progress positively because they require a lot of resources. According to experts, several volcanoes in particular need regular observations. Otherwise, it is likely to explode and populate the environment, or affect the entire planet. Here are 16 volcanoes:


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1. Avachinsky-Koryaksky-Kamchatka, Russia

2. Colima – Jalisco, Mexico

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5. Etna – Sicily, Italy

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8. Rainier – Washington, USA

9. Vesuvius – Campania, Italy

10. Unzen – Nagasaki / Kumamoto, Japan

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13. Santorini – South Aegean, Greece

14. Taal Volcano – Calabarzon, Philippines

15. Teide – Canary Islands, Spain

16. Ulawun – East New Britain / West New Britain, Papua New Guinea