018 The Most Distinguished Scientific Person of the Year Became a Turk

We continue to receive good news from each other in the field of science and technology. Finally, Prof. Dr.

Prof. Dr. Ozcan emboldened our chest.

Professor at the University of Zurich, who served as the head of the Department of Dental Materials at the university. Dr. Mutlu Ozcan, the most distinguished scientist of 2018 was selected.

Ozcan, who received the award from IADR Chairman Angus Walls, said:

"It is very proud to be sobered to be seen soberly," said Ozcan, who previously received the title "British Royal Academy Diploma" by the British Royal University. Today I received the award of 'The Most Distinguished Scientist of the Year' from the largest international research organization of the Dental Research Research Association, a prize given in my field, a prize given for the contribution you make to life-long knowing.

Ozcan, who stated that he had destroyed the prejudices against him over time, continued his words as follows:

"If you make a life-long job with a true dedication, if you contribute to your own profession with all your strength, whether you are a woman or a man, human Women are a bit behind in this regard, and the number of women is slightly higher than in the past. The roads opened. As long as they work hard and have responsibility. Success will surely come. "


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