10 Golden Recommendations by Starbucks Manager to Open Your Vigor

Howard Schults, who bought Starbucks in 1982 as Marketing Director and bought it five years later and served the brand for 40 years, is leaving a retirement at the end of this month. However, this departure will be for a far different purpose.

Guess that people are tightly tied to the things they labor. If this period covers as long as 40 years, the work has become an individual for you from your family. Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz gave it 40 years to do exactly that. Schultz, who has made the brand an empire, thinks it is time for a retirement. However, the CEO, who will say goodbye to Starbucks at the end of this month, is doing this because he will be nominated for the 2020 US Presidential Elections. This successful entrepreneur has 10 gold proposals for us. Let's take a look at each of these valuable recipes.

On Entrepreneurship

"Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Although you earn a lot of time when you are on the rise, you can lose everything if things go wrong. Besides, you have to give up many things. But in every circumstance your love of work will alleviate the pain that you have experienced. "

On passion

"It is inevitable that everything you approach with passion is perfect. Do not listen to what others say. If they say 'no' they will continue to imagine you. But when doing so, do not leave your attention at hand. "

On fear

"In life we ​​sometimes need a medium of reason. The beliefs and suggestions of the people we trust probably determine the course of our elections. But do not let go of the hard steps of defeating yourself in fear. "

On leadership

"If you are your ladies, even in the most fearful moments, you have to lead others. Even if you do not feel safe, you should be able to overcome your confidence. "

On originality

"The world is rapidly developing in every aspect. At this point, societies are unfamiliar, opening themselves up to innovation. If you're aiming to be real and sustainable, build your business on people, not on advertising campaigns. "

On durability

"Every business can go through jerky periods, but if you want continuity, you have to go ahead without destroying it. Foresee the problems and solve the possible problems quickly, it will be the best thing you will do. "

On the mentor

"If you are really trustworthy, sure that you want your goodness, and someone is leading you right, do not be afraid to tell her your weak points. If you do not know something, accept that you do not know, but first you get to know your weak point. Do not be afraid to take advice. "

On commitment

"My story is based on patience, talent and luck. I fought for what I really wanted to be and I took my life between my hands. I wanted to learn everything. Fear scares me at first, but I get 'I' as it comes from above. Everything is possible as it comes from the tops of the mountains that can not be exceeded. "

On Growth

"If companies fail at the stage of growth, they certainly have not invested in some people, systems and processes. In the right place, do not avoid making the right moves. "

On team work

"If you are on your own, progressing as a team can make things a whole lot easier. "


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These mutually valuable recommendations will be useful not only for you to be entrepreneurial but also for your self-improvement and for opening your horizons.