10 Most Malfunctioning Phones in the Smartphone Market

Like every technological device, smartphones often break down. Today we will list the most malfunctioning smartphone models.

Our smart phones have been making great strides in recent years. It is very difficult to catch up with the speed of this development, but sometimes producers are able to produce relatively problematic devices by ignoring this speed. Normally, the failure situation that can be seen in every technological process has started to show a great increase due to this speed.


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According to a report prepared by the Mobile Device Repair and Security Report, technical service repairs were released most frequently. According to this report, some devices are forced to go to technical service at a high rate. Here are 10 smartphones that are currently on the market and the most malfunctioning:

10-) Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (2 percent)

9-) Samsung Galaxy S6 (2 percent)

😎 Xiaomi Redmi Y1 (2 percent)


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7-) Samsung Galaxy S7 Active (3 percent)

6-) Samsung Galaxy S8 + (3 percent)

5-) Samsung Galaxy S7 (3 percent)


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4-) Nokia 6 (4 percent)

3-) Lenovo K8 Note (5 percent)

2-) Moto G (5S) Plus (6 percent)

1-) Xiaomi Redmi 4 (9 percent)

This list will be useful before you buy a new phone. There are some smartphones that are experiencing chronological problems even though it is not listed on this list, which we have observed that Samsung is having problems especially with the S7 series.