10 Practices To Not Be Shocked When Seeing ÖSYM Result Page

We have compiled 10 applications for you to help you to avoid a small shock when OSYM announces exam results.

It is a fact that you should study in order not to be shocked when you open the OSYM results page and see your exam scores. What practices can we use while studying? Here are the mobile applications you need to use without entering the OSYM AIS system ….

Eyes with the start of the new school year 2020 OSYM translated into exam calendar. Expected to be announced in the coming weeks in the exam calendar, LGS, KPSS, YDS, DGS, YKS and ALES exams are expected to be held on dates similar to the 2019 OSYM exam calendar. If you like from here You can check the 2019 OSYM exam dates.

Are you one of those who are worried when they hear the names of these exams and wonder if I did something missing? When that day came SSPC results If you do not want to experience a small shock on the page, let's take a look at 10 applications that can help you prepare for exams.

Applications that you can use to avoid shock when you see the OSYM results page:

Easy Exam with Gray Coach

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Although Easy Exam with Gray Coach is a comprehensive educational mobile application, it offers candidates the opportunity to get help from other members for the questions they cannot solve. This application allows you to study many of the exams organized by OSYM. socializing opportunity.

Unlike other applications, it is a platform where you can write your own motivation story or read the stories written in order to increase the motivation of the candidates.


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Kardo has an extremely simple interface and stands out with its importance to simplicity. Just swipe the notes to the left or right while studying or repeating. Cramped Metrobus Couldn't be a better app for the ride.

My Teacher KPSS

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As the name implies, My Teacher Kpss is perhaps one of the most detailed applications for the Kpss exam. My teacher YouTube The application, which is integrated with the channel, enables the candidates to follow the video lessons through the application.

The application has a free test module, exam countdown and information cards, as well as sending important information carefully selected by the center to your phone learning to spread the process to an entire day.

Questions of Tus Çıkmış

The application that hosts all Tus questions from 2006 to the present day, with a simple interface medical students running to your aid. This application that allows you to solve any time by adding the questions you want to your favorites and adding new questions to your library every day.


Lala 9,10,11,12. students and graduates TYT / ayt'y to is a mobile application that supports the preparation process. You can follow more than 250 question banks of more than 10 contracted publishers with Lala, and you can reach the number and topic success statistics of the questions you have solved from these sources.

No Problem

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It is a mobile application where you can take a picture of the questions you have been stuck and search for solutions. KPSS to ALES, ALES to DGS provides support for many different exams.


Dici Koç has a humorous motto in the form of dik We came to the instructors,. work coach aims to be. Dici Koç, which provides access to video classes via Youtube, is also an application where you can make a course work plan from week to week.

YDS Pocket

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Developed for applicants who study YDS exam YDS Pocket application allows users to solve questions anytime, anywhere. The most prominent feature of the application is that there are no questions or time limits.

YDS Word

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YDS Word, English language exams is an educational mobile application prepared for candidates to improve their vocabulary. This application has a total of 2000 words, YDS, IELTS, TOEFL, such as the most common words in the exam contains.

KPSS Last Year This Year

KPSS is designed for candidates preparing for KPSS This Year Last application, from experiment, test, up to date information from training videos is an application that has gathered under one roof.

5 other applications that can help in preparing for OSYM exams:


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If you are experiencing distraction in long-term focuses and motivated If you need to be, Forest is the app for you. The first thing you need to do in the application, enter how many hours or how many minutes you want to work. After this step, the application starts to plant trees for you, but if you stop working before the targeted time, all your trees will fade.


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Wouldn't you like to keep notes written by your friends on your phone before the exams begin? That's where Cam Scanner comes in. By scanning the course notes you want a PDFs file. This way, you can carry your notes on your phone more regularly and without causing confusion in the gallery.


With the Photomath app you can't solve your camera using math able to find answers to questions. It is a handy application to avoid the key to answer and to make sure the answer to the question you want to solve. All you have to do is save the question that you cannot solve with the camera from within the application. In this way, Photomath will give you the answer.


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If you are preparing for a foreign language exam organized by OSYM and dictionary If you are in search, Tureng is by far the premier dictionary app in this field with over 3 million English and Turkish words. It is a digital tool used not only for those preparing for foreign language exams, but also for translation professionals.

Class Timetable

The time of the candidates preparing for exams efficient This application, which can be used to confuse which day of different exams as well as use, is at the service of users with modern interface.

For students and employees SSPC exams part of life. Of course, although the courses and courses play an important role in the preparation period for these exams, with the introduction of mobile applications, you can now prepare yourself for the OSYM exams even more confidently, regardless of time and place. The fate of your OSYM results page is now in your hands.