10 Questions That Emerge from Social Media and Hold Allak

Social media platforms;

The social media platforms make us think with questions that sometimes enchant our eyes with the different kinds of content that they offer, and sometimes with the irrationality of their minds. At this point, 20 visuals we have compiled for you this day were very interesting by social media users. However, these questions, which will test your ability as much as your logic, are inevitable for many. Let us examine these questions together.

1. There is something wrong with this photo. But what?

– Eyes and lips

2. Which two lines are tall?

Equal are

3. How many holes do you have in this shirt?

– There are 8 holes

4. A man is next to a gun, a bag, and a dead man. When the police press the "Play" key to listen to the last recording, the voice says "I am very tired and I want to end the pain". But the cops think it's a murder, not a suicide. Why did the cops think this was a murder, despite the voice recordings?

If the man committed suicide, how could he recover the cassette tape? The cops started recording at the beginning of the "Play" key.

5. There are 2 logic errors in this picture. What are these mistakes?

– No rearview mirrors and wipers on the municipal bus.

6. What's wrong with this street traffic?

– Traffic signs

7. There is a mistake in this picture, but what?

– The keyboard has 2 numbers of 8

8. There is something that this shop should not be at the entrance. Did you notice?

Pushing the door that says 'pull' in English

9. There's something wrong with the campground …

– camp fire burned with other woods when there are only pine trees in the area

10. What is the difference between these shoes that look like normal?

– Both of the pink shoes are left foot