10 Tactics for GTA Online Beginners

The legendary GTA 5 game, released by Rockstar Games in 2013, is a favorite of open-ended action and adventure lovers. For those who have just joined the endless world of GTA Online, we have shared with you 10 tips that will help them in the game.

Even though it’s been 8 years, tens, maybe hundreds, tens of thousands of players are joining the world of GTA every day. Epic Games’ GTA 5 in the past free as the number of downloads of the game records caused it to break.. GTA 5, as you know, next to the story mode GTA Online to the players with in the open world It offers the opportunity to play online.

With the years of updates, the progress of the game and the uninterrupted support they provide to the players. GTA OnlineThere are hundreds of options to create your own crime syndicate and knit the city together. Beginners to the game may get lost among so many options and be afraid, but with the tips we will give you, you can play the game. rise and progress extremely simple.

What character should I create?

How to play GTA Online

The first thing that greets you when you start the game character creation screen will be. Apart from the appearance of your character, this menu reflects your lifestyle and how you will spend a day. characteristic features You can also choose. Although these settings affect your appearance and what you want as a character, it is worth saying that they have little effect in the game.

For this reason, we recommend that you focus on your character’s appearance rather than personality. A game that pleases you before you start the game. character appearance you have to make sure you create it, otherwise it can cost you money to change the view later.

Should I pass the GTA Online training?

How to play GTA Online

After creating your character GTA Online consisting of short conversations at first so that you can jump into the world of GTA Online training You must pass. In this tutorial, your character will fly to Los Santos Airport and you will see the tips you need to learn in the game. Although in the game “Pass education” Although it has the feature of have a good understanding of the mechanics We recommend that you complete the training.

In addition to being useful to you, if the training if you skip some missions coming later in the game that you can’t get should also be noted. Extremely short and simple You must make sure that you complete this training for your own good.

What should be the next step?

How to play GTA Online

When you complete the training gigantic GTA Online The doors of the world are opened and you can do anything you want in this world. One of the first things you will do in the game is to explore this world as much as possible and give you what it offers will learn. In the beginning, you can steal and sell cars, use your phone to browse the tasks that suit you.

Additionally, you can pause the game and select Online. Jobs If you select the GTA Online You can have a business in the world. How you want to get to know the game by taking baby steps is entirely up to you.

How do I stop other players from harassing me?

How to play GTA Online

GTA Online many in the world friendly It is possible to meet people, but the aim in the game is only create chaos There are plenty of people who have. Even when you want to explore the streets of Los Santos, it is extremely rewarding to encounter people who graze you, punch you randomly or try to steal your money. annoying may be.

If you too become a victim of these chaotic players, if you press M on computer, touchpad on PlayStation and observe button on XBOX passive mode You can enable it. Thanks to this mod, other players are with you won’t be able to interact but you too cannot attack and weapons cannot besiege You will be in the situation. If passive mode prevents you from doing quests, you can easily find new session or find new job You can leave the problem player behind by clicking .

How do I renew my health, armor and ammo in the game?

How to play GTA Online

In GTA 5, your character’s status is under your radar. green and blue bars is displayed with . The green bar shows the state of your health, while the blue bar shows the state of your armor. Coming from vending machines to renew your health can eat junk food, even after purchasing these snacks from the market in bulk, from the interaction menu whenever you want you can consume.

Steel vests can be purchased in the game from the “AmmuNation” store. You can save the vests you have purchased in your inventory again and equip them whenever you need them. You can decide whether or not the vest will appear on your character, and this decision will not affect the armor’s condition in any way. You can also purchase ammo from the “AmmuNation” shop or from the inventory menu you can buy.

Should I buy any property?

How to play GTA Online

There are many different types of properties available in the game that can be purchased and offer various benefits. For example, garages you bought or helps you keep your stolen cars safe. Turn on the internet on your phone Money and Services After clicking on the option, you can easily see the properties you can buy by entering Dynasty 9 Real Estate.

It is really important to earn money with missions and buy a property of your own in the game. Especially if you’re buying a luxury apartment, along with features like changing clothes, you have a garage and for the robberies you will make planning room You can also access features such as

Later in the game, if you have enough money in your pocket, you can buy Dynasty 8 Exclusive Realty. office can own, with Mazebank Foreclosure from nightclubs to underground bunkers You can buy many different properties.

How do I make money and progress quickly?

How to play GTA Online

Many legendary weapons and missions in GTA Online are enough for you. RP that is, it is not obtained until you gain reputation. Lots of robberies to cargo works entering the game VIP jobs By accepting it, you can earn money quickly and increase your reputation.

In addition to the missions in the game, Rockstar Games regularly organizes participating in weekly events It is also possible to earn large amounts of cash and RP. By participating in these events, you will receive rewards for properties and cars as well as rewards. from discount coupons You can also benefit. To be informed about the events organized by Rockstar Games here you can click.

Should I complete the story missions?

How to play GTA Online

In addition to the Online missions found in GTA 5, Earn RP and cash Story missions are also available. Characters like Lamar, Simeon Yeterian and Gerald have their own missions and if you want to avoid races or blowing up cars. if you get bored These tasks may sound like medicine to you.

How can I protect the money I earn?

How to play GTA Online

Let’s say you have finished certain tasks and you have some money in your pocket. As we mentioned before, GTA 5 Online from every head Having money in your pocket because it is an environment where people can do whatever they want comfortably. extremely dangerous will be.

In order to protect the money you have earned, go to the nearest ATM as soon as you receive the money. you must deposit into your account. Otherwise, a player may try to steal all your money. To find the nearest ATM to you, from the game’s menu Quick GPS You can click on ATM.

RP, so should I care about reputation?

How to play GTA Online

It may not be enough just to have money to access all the features in the game. Some missions and weapons give importance to RP at least as much as money. you don’t have In such cases, you will not have access to such features.

GTA, just like in real life decent people more inclined to reward. other people during any job. helps and like crazy unless you try to blow up their car, the game will give you a score called “Good Sport” and these points will give you RP ya da nakit will return as Although the chaos sometimes though it’s fun a good It is useful to be human and take advantage of the other blessings of the game.

Bonus tip:

How to play GTA Online

You don’t need to buy a good car in the game to own it. If you’re a member of the Rockstar Social Club, it’s one of the best cars in the game and looks extremely Nissan GT-R two door race car you can have. Thanks to this extremely fast car, you can participate in the races and easily come first.

An important detail to prevent it from being stolen by other players after taking the car. Loss/Theft Prevention You have to deposit money into the lost theft measure called. Another thing that will help protect your car is to buy a garage with the first money you save, as we mentioned earlier.