10 Things Successful People Will Never Do

Everyone makes mistakes. But the way to be a 'successful person' is to learn from mistakes and not to repeat the same mistake.

'Never come back.' What does this mean? The author of the book Never Go Back: 10 Things You'll Never Do Again published in 2014 is a clinical psychologist. Henry Cloud discovered some 'awakening' of successful people, starting with observations he had made throughout his career.

DR. According to Henry Cloud, successful people never do 10 things …

1. Go back to something that does not work

Whether it is an environment, a relationship, or a business, (as long as there are no obvious changes in the positive direction), it is necessary to not expect a different result and return to it or to that person.

2. Do something to prevent them from becoming themselves

Whatever we do, we must ask ourselves the following question: Why am I doing this? Am I fit for that? Does it fit me? Is it sustainable? If you are receiving 'negative' answers to these questions, move away without even looking at it.

3. Trying to change someone else

When you understand that you can not force a person to do something; give him his freedom and open the way to the results. Doing so will also give you your freedom.

4. Believing that everyone can please

When you realize that it is indeed impossible to please everyone, you will try to please the right people and begin to live consciously.

5. To choose short-term comfort for long-term benefits

When successful people know they want something that requires a painful, time-limited step, they do not care about the painful step. Because they know that this step will bring them to a long-term benefit. The fulfillment of this principle is one of the most fundamental differences between successful and unsuccessful people.

6. To trust someone or something that looks perfect

It is quite natural that we are not drawn to things and people that seem 'incredible'. Because we like perfection and we must always call him. We should follow the people or institutions and organizations that are perfect at what they do. But if a person or something seems too good to be true, it probably is not! Attention!

7. Do not focus on the big picture

If we can see the big picture, we work emotionally better and we perform better in our lives. For successful people, no event is 'the whole of the story'. The winners remember this. And every day.

8. Ignore the facts

It does not matter how well it looks from the outside. Only we do not know we need to find the dearer, harder and honest look we really need to know we can reach. Yes, that's what we owe to ourselves, namely: Reality.

9. Avoid asking them why they are at the moment

One of the biggest differences between successful and unsuccessful people is the shudder: A successful person, every self asks the following question: What role do I play in this situation? In other words, they do not see themselves as victims even when they are victims.

10. Forgetting that the outside world is a reflection of the inner world to a large extent

A good life, at times, has nothing to do with external conditions. We can be happy and full of people in our inner world. As a matter of fact, researches confirm this. And most of our external conditions produce our inner lives.