10 Things to Do in Our Life

Do you wonder when flying cars will come true? Or a device to recognize your pet's face and let it in? Here are the technologies that will be in our life in the near future.

What inventions you expect to see in the movies and come up with are not the latest technology products still in your life? Squeeze your teeth a little more because the inventions you see in movies in the near future will be a part of your life. Here are 10 technologies that are likely to come into our lives in the near future.

1. Flying cars

Japanese engineers plan to pass by 2020 in Tokyo, a car that is flying. Flying cars that will relieve traffic and create a new order will come out of the movies and become real!

2. Clothes that match every weather condition

Having to buy clothes for all seasons can make it feel quite costly and crowded. A group of scientists are facing a solution to this problem. The clothes that can be worn both in hot and cold weather are able to perceive the air temperature and become suitable for it. Moreover, you do not need to spend any effort.


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3. Small sizes, large areas

From Eindhoven University of Technology and Southampton University, scientists have succeeded in uploading 360 terabytes of data to a tiny glass disco. In the future, we will carry large data in small sizes.

4. Model Drones

Dolce & Gabbana is the first reason to use drone as a model, but we will see more drone in the fashion industry in the future.

5. 3D Meals

Is there anything 3D printers can't do? Pizza, chocolate, cakes and many other foods can be prepared with a 3D printer. In the future we can leave all the cooking methods behind with a 3D printer.

6. PlayStation localization at airports

This game room, opened at Texas Airport, does not allow bored passengers waiting for flights. We will definitely be able to see these halls at all airports in the near future.


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7. Gloves to provide visibility

This year it will be possible to see by touching with these gloves designed for the visually impaired.

8. Effort production

This small platform that can be installed everywhere can be the beginning of a new stream. You can produce free weft with this mini exercise room, especially placed in the waiting areas. All you need to do is pedal a little!


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9. The invention to bring in the seeds

A Dutch engineer developed a device that would detect the face of your cat and open it to the door. The device that identifies your cat with the facial recognition system will open the door and allow your cat to come in and out when you want.

10. Custom placements

Now the operating system of the ads in the internet world also comes to your life outside. On the billboard or on the walls, you are always faced with ads that do not attract your attention. In the near future you will see ads that will work for you according to your interests and wishes, even by gender.