10 thriller movies of adrenaline boosting on Netflix

We continue to make movie suggestions for you to spend the quarantine days with more beautiful movies. Today, we will suggest 10 successful films that appeal to you the thriller genre.

Nowadays coronaviruses we should not go out of our homes unless we have to. In this difficult process for all of us, many of us movie, series, game We turned to entertainment vehicles like. We often try to make lists that will help you make your quarantine days more beautiful for you. On our list today, you will not regret watching it on Netflix 10 tension films takes place.

Some of these movies, all of which are in thriller genre psychology while coming to the fore, some are action looks richer in terms of. You can choose movies that appeal to your interests.

10 Thriller Movies on Netflix:

Bird box

One of the post-apocalyptic horror / thriller movies Bird boxEspecially, his story was talked about for a while. In a world captured by supernatural creatures, a mother who has to move with her two children should go quietly to a place she does not see. In this movie, the tension level is extremely high Sandra Bullock It takes place with its wonderful acting.

Nerve (Game)

“Played on the Internettruth or DareHow dangerous can the game be? We watch the struggle of a girl, who thinks that it is harmless fun and starts the game to earn some money, gets more and more difficult and becomes deadly.

The Platform

One of the movies Netflix recently released The Platformhundreds of floors counted from top to bottom prison passing. The thing about the prison is "food." A platform at the top descends downwards with carefully prepared meals, and people on the floors in this process feed their bellies in their eating processes, but the meals are limited and the number of floors is very high. Moreover, prisoners in prison are put on different floors every month.

Now You See Me (Wizards Gang)

The film focuses on the bank robbery organized by a group of illusionists, with FBI agents following them, and includes very well thought-out scenes. In the movie, where there are successful actors from each other, the wizard The back side of many movements he displays are also shown.

Gravity (Gravity)

Sandra Bullock starred in Gravitya medical engineer and an experienced astronaut whose vehicles are damaged, drift rambling through space subject. Oscar winner in 7 different branches In the movie, you can feel that desperation very well. I can say that Sandra Bullock is a kind of movie that will enchant everyone with its acting and visual design.

Mirage (Storm Moment)

Space – as a result of the problem in time 25 years ago A woman named Vera, who managed to go, saves a little boy's life in this past. A kind of lonely butterfly effect Vera therefore loses her own daughter. Then he will try to bring his own daughter back.

You Were Never Really Here (You Were Never Really Here)


Joker and Oscar Closing Joaquin Phoenix's Great Prize Speech

This year Oscar With the Joker character in his awards The best actor The film, featuring the award-winning Joaquin Phoneix, will attract the audience with its subject. In the film, we watch a veteran, a politician, trying to save his daughter by saving young women who are forced to sex work.


Adapted from a true story Zodiac; Robert Downey Jr.Includes world-famous actors such as, Mark Ruffalo, Jake Gyllenhaal. In the movie, San Francisco's infamous murderer the Zodiac we are watching a political cartoonist, crime reporter and a couple of police.


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Caught with a particular crime and about them execution a single group of people who have decided innocent he was asked to find the person. Can they find the true innocent person in this challenging task? Film 12 Angry Men Let's also mention that he was inspired by the movie.