100 Million Dollar Prize Fortnite World Cup Announced!

Epic Games unveiled details of e-sports events it planned for Fornite. It was announced that the ProAm tournament made under E3 2018 will be part of the World Cup events.

The latest trend in the gaming world, "battle royale," is debated as a model for e-sports, but practitioners are struggling for a new generation of competitions. Fortnite, which earned millions of dollars from being the most played next-generation game of its time, was already expected to launch e-sports initiatives.

Epic Games is approaching tournament events with a different logic like Billizard's Overwatch League. Events such as the World Cup continue throughout the year.

The elements for the Fortnite World Cup will start in the fall of 2018, while tournament fights will be made towards the end of 2019. It's hard to predict how the match will work, but it's clear that Epic has sound plans in this regard. Perhaps the final battlefield is being planned for dozens of players across the globe.

Important parts of the explanation made by Epic Games are:

"We will organize community events, online events, and big competitions that everyone can join and win, all over the world. The Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers will kick off in the fall of 2018 and peak excitement at the first Fortnite World Cup event by the end of 2019.

The $ 100,000,000 prize will be divided among the many activities that will continue at different levels of competition around the world. Whether you are participating in a competition or watching at home, this is fun for everyone. The Fortnite World Cup game will focus on Solos and Duos, but at the same time there will be many opportunities to participate in the contest. "

Epic Games is expected to present new details in the coming period.