11 Jul Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, TRON

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In the process of making a living base, the price of crypto money has continued to shake within a certain level. These agitations create the energy needed to get out of the process or to bury the process further. Bart Smith known as Wall Street's 'Crypto King', in the Susquehanna International Group said that many great investors are expecting Bitcoin to enter $ 5,000.

Bitcoin Ambrosino Borthers even known as Todd Colvin known as the 'Month of the Month' believes that "high-level investors will be involved" when Bitcoin drops to the level of $ 5,000.

Crypto the current decline did not return some commentators from a few investors who had previously been in optimistic interpretations. Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, predicted that Bitcoin would be $ 25,000 by the end of the year.

Julian Hosp, another Bitcoin 'bull', thinks Bitcoin will be 60,000 by 2018.

similarly we have optimistic comments about the crypto money market and we think that this is just a process of preparing the ground. But our estimates are slightly lower than the $ 60,000 figure. Long-term investors would like to use such sharp declines and add a variety of coins to their portfolio, because the process will not last long.


Bitcoin On July 9th the support level at the level of $ 6.953.38 returned from the resistance level and fell behind the 20 day EMA.


The optimistic outlook could go up to over $ 6,953.38, if the current decline could stand above $ 6,250.

If BTC / USD pair succeeds in getting rid of the falling trend, it may become positive again and climb to $ 8,560, then $ 10,000.

The bad news is that if if bullies can not keep up at $ 6,250, a decline of $ 6,075 is likely. The resistance level below the 5.900 level is at $ 5.450 and therefore the exit level of the overhead investments initiated at $ 6,650 must be kept at $ 5,900.


Bulls After passing the 20 day EMA on July 7 they did not raise the price any more. This failure of Ethereum ' created a break below the 20 day EMA and tested and exceeded the support level of 450.01 dollars.


level. If this level of resistance is exceeded, ETH / USD pair could go up to $ 358, a very critical support line.

If Ethereum succeeds in going above $ 500, it will be positive again.


Ripple s under the influence of a painful bear market It is important to note that before any trading proposal is made, The XRP fell below the 0.45351 level from the back. The level of support for XRP is at $ 0.4242.


The good news is that the 20-day EMA continues to create serious resistance. The upper resistance line on this level is at $ 0.52.

After reaching the $ 0.56 level, the XRP / USD pair can make a solid return back. BCH / USD

Bitcoin Cash failed to overtake the 20-day EMA, and the result was the same as before. as it began to decline. The BCH has a support line close to the level of $ 700 compared to the press time. If this level is exceeded, the crypto money can go up to $ 657.8 and the target will be $ 619.7510.


BCH / USD the impression that the daily EMA will gain momentum.

Since this pair has experienced several vertical upsets before, we are proposing a position surplus directly in any trend change order.


EOS We were expecting the limited space in Eos to go uphill, but our estimates did not come as we expected. The bears were supreme and the gap had a downward break.


If the EOS / USD pair is too much below $ 6.89, it is not even worth the $ 5,961 drop. If this level is broken, the level of support is $ 5,181.

If we look at the positive side of the charts, if EOS can cross the downward trend line with the 20-day EMA, it will gain strength from the remainder.


Litecoin entered the decline line on July 8 and was the lowest level in the day on July 10 He was tied up at $ 76,450.


The bear market, which dominates the LTC / USD pair, has the effect that if the bulls in the short wing are able to outperform 92 dollars It will be lost.

If Litecoin is able to overcome the $ 92 level, the investment in the Position Looks Worthful.


Bulls are a 20 day EMA for seven days. , the bears tried to go below the support level between $ 0.111843 and $ 0.13. If the bears win, Cardano s can go down to 0.0782 dollars in support line.


If the bulls are able to defend the support line, the ADA /

If the price is able to stay above $ 0.162 for a few days, we can look at this as positive.


Bulls Stellar could not make a strong close on the 20-day EMA for the time being, and the price was down to $ 0.184.


Months have not fallen below $ 0.184 since last December December indicating that $ 0.184 has made a significant purchase. In addition, the positive breakdown in the Relative Strength Index appears in the graphs.

Nonetheless, the XLM / USD pair will attract more buyers if the reaches its highest daily level on July 3 .


IOTA is trying to move away from the critical support level of 0.9150 dollars, which is probably the longest bottom level of IOTA