12 new members joined the Blockchain Research Institute

Cloud Computing company Salesforce is among 12 new members of the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), a multi-million dollar global Blockchain think tank announced on Tuesday.

Blockchain Research Institute investigates Blockchain strategies

Blockchain strategies , the Institute is currently dedicated to the study of applications and application barriers, and is currently a member of state institutions, major technology companies, financial industry players and global companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Canadian Bank and PepsiCo. Peter Schwartz, senior vice president in charge of strategic planning at Salesforce, made the following comment on the issue:

As in other devastating technologies, it requires deep study of various perspectives to understand broader perspectives.

Other new members include the Austrian banking group Raiffeisen Bank International, the Swiss-based BPC Banking Technologies, the brand manager VIKTRE and the public relations firm Navigator Limited. Blockchain organizations; Aion, Decental, Polymath, Shyft Network and Sweetbridge attended the Institute. Don Tapscott, founder and chairman of the institute, said:

Like our institutional and government members, these companies are at very different stages of the blockchain transformation.

Established in 2017, BRI is set up in February by the National Software and Software Companies Association, one of the country's leading technology organizations, to promote the digital economy in India. (NASSCOM)

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