13 March Bitcoin price analysis

March 13 Before the Bitcoin price analysis, a summary of yesterday was

and Bitcoin declined yesterday to $ 3,830, due to the fact that Binance was in care in the morning.

In the remainder of the day, we saw low volume trading operations continue just below $ 3,900 and closed the day at $ 3,882.

March 13 Bitcoin price analysis

Starting at $ 3,880, Bitcoin's pricing trend above 100 candlestick moving average level ($ 3,839) in 4-hour view shows that the price movements are still favorable. Parity, the first resistance point in the upward movement of the 3.900 dollars is hard to pass. Horizontal price movements would trigger a 4-hour closing upward acceleration of more than $ 3,900 in the event of an upward deterioration during the day, and we can see that the BTC / USD parity could test the next resistance point of $ 3,920.

In Bitcoin, which we did not follow a strong trend, $ 3.870 is important in downward movements.

If Bitcoin saw a 4-hour closing below $ 3,870, it may experience a relaxation of up to 3,840 – 3,820 dollars


In the 4-hour BTC / USD parity,

  • MACD is about to cross the positive zone.
  • The stochastic RSI continues its uptrend from the oversold territory it started yesterday, with a slight upward trend.
  • The RSI indicator continues its horizontal position at the level of 50.

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