14 Facts Converting People Related to Titanic

James Cameron's Titanic film was a complete 21 years of visionary vision. The vast majority of filmmakers say that they watch the film more than once. Today, very few people alive when the facian is alive are still alive.

The Titanic was one of the most horrible maritime faculties of history. 1513 people died annihilating the vast ocean of cold waters. The Titanic sinking on its first journey despite being called Batmaz, was dragged to a bitter end on April 15, 1912 as a result of a series of omissions.

The Titanic film, which was released in 1997 by James Cameron as a long-suffering performer, conveyed all the charm of the facial with a love story on the ship. A classic, construction still continues to fascinate people all over the world. This piece is unforgettable, there are some details that you probably do not hear a great majority.

1. Leonardo Di Caprio's work was not easy:

Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Macaulay Culkin and Matthew McConaughey were more famous than Di Caprio in those years. He even took part in the selection with the Dallas Buyers Club and the Academy Award-winning McConaughey, Kate Winslet, who gave life to the Rose character. Finally, Di Caprio succeeded in picking ahead of himself with his sinking performance.

2. Kate Winslet's competitors were extremely strong:

The giants like Madonna, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Wynona Rider and Uma Thurman compete with the younger Winslet, who is less well known than them. Kate Winslet has reached director James Cameron's phone number. I called her and said, "I got to take this role. If you do not choose me then you can lose your mind. " Winslet, who refuses to talk about this now, even sent a flower on the set saying "Your Rose".

3. The Titanic film spent more money than the god itself:

Filmin spending was $ 200 million. On the other hand, it was only $ 7.5 million to drop the Titanic into the water. According to the yearly value of Filmin, this amount was equivalent to about 150 million dollars.

4. Titanic is a masterpiece of fiction:

If you erase all the stage scenes except for the scenes in the film that describe the catastrophe, the duration is 2 hours and 40 minutes. The Titanic reached the bottom of the ocean in the same period.

5. James Cameron did not want to use music in the movie, Celine Dion later included:

Composer James Horner recorded a song unannounced from Cameron with the rising star Celine Dion of that time. Dion read the script, the song was recorded. The film was memorized by Dion's work titled My Heart Will Go On.

6. In 1995, James Cameron made 12 dives to see his loft with his own eyes:

The legendary governor came and went back and forth several times in advance, thinking that a mistake in the film would be an insult to everyone who died in the accident.

7. Di Caprio did not have the following scene script, he improvised himself:

8. Not only people survived the accident, but these scenes were cut from the film:

After the Titanic catastrophe, the creatures that were in the sea were not just people. There were 3 dogs surviving the accident. Cameron chose to cut the stalls, which were also dedicated to them, which they tried to save themselves, but later to cut them.

9. The name was changed for privacy during filmin filming:

The Titanic, in its original name, Titanic, was actually referred to throughout the production process as The Ice Planet. The aim was to prevent leakage. Of course at that time the internet was not common, people could not get photos from the set.

10. The scene in which Jack painted Rose naked was recorded on the first day of the shootings:

The reason for this was the capture of the shyness of Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, who did not know each other yet. Director James Cameron left one of the two people naked on the first day of shooting, yet they knew each other's names. Thus, Leonardo Di Caprio's shy expression on the scene was very realistic.

11. Cameron wrote the script with people who are not entirely true. Jack Dowson corrected the journey later when he noticed:

So yes, a passenger named Jack was indeed on this ship. Paintings are real.

12. A copy of a real remnant of the board, which Jack saved by removing it on Rose:

The reality of this board is exhibited at the Halifaz museum in Canada. Cameron was inspired by him when he was found after the disaster and settled in the museum. Due to the main dimensions, Filmin was going to hit realism.

13. The board is actually big enough to carry Jack too:

Scientific experiments revealed that the board in the film could also save Jack. According to Cameron, Jack had to die as a main character because the film was a disaster.

14. The woman who inspired Rose's character did not actually get on board:

Beatrice Wood, female artist born in 1893. Cameron's Rose inspired the character. The famous director saw that the character of the Rose in his mind was told in the book of I Shocked Myself, which is the book of autobiography of the book, while the screenplay was being screened. James Cameron, a wealthy family growing up by the family of Wood, this catapult, about the removal of the sanctuary, Rose removed the character. In the same years, Beatrice Wood never got on the ship even though he was old with Rose. In the photo above you see Beatrice Wood's youth and Kate Winslet's Rose.