140 Meter-sized Meteorite Approaching the World

NASA said that the meteorite they observed about a month ago would be very close to the world by the neighboring scale. This meteorite was previously detected by radars on December 12, 2018. NASA doesn't expect the space stone to hit the world any time soon, but it's just enough to observe the size of it.

According to JPL's estimates, the size of the meteorite, AG3, is 64 meters to 140 meters in diameter. The size of the meteorite is twice that of the Boeing 747. The size of the meteorite was 140 meters, causing it to be classified as Potentially Hazardous Astreoids

The largest meteorite known to date was Apollo and its size was approaching 7 km.

According to a NASA report:

veya nel Near Earth Objects gel greater than 140 meters have the potential to cause serious damage to all regions or continents. The impact of such objects on the earth would be equal to a 60 megaton TNT, and this is far greater than any other nuclear test ever tested. Fortunately, such objects are not very common and their detection is easier than small objects close to the world..

The AG3 asteroid is expected to miss the world with 4.9 million km. NASA predicts that the AG3 will approach as much as 0.03303 astronomical units. An astronomical unit is about 149.6 million km, which corresponds to the distance between the Sun and the Earth.


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It can be said that the distance to the cosmic scale is very close to this distance, although it can be seen as very long distances when we look at it according to human criteria

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