15 Facts About Past Time

When we look back and see that it has changed everything, there are also various scenes that will leave your mouth open. Here is 15 real information that will surprise you about time.

The concept of time is a very interesting situation that looks like a very long time when we look forward, and back in the past when it comes back in the past. At this point, many things that are different in the past are very different now. In this way, we have compiled 15 pieces of information that will amaze you about time for you today.

It is obvious to all of us that the habit of taking pictures today is quite common. All of the photographs taken in the 1800s are now shot in 2 minutes. On the left was the first photograph taken in 1826, on the right was a selfie that a kedin drew himself.

Warner Bros was founded by the Ottoman Empire. However, when the year 1923 show left the place Ottoman Turkey. Warner Bros. has been continuing since 1903.

All technological devices in the newspaper announcement in 1991 are now available in a single phone. This is certainly useful for all of us.

As time has affected everything, it has also changed the medalist movements in the Olympics. The medal-taking movement in 1956 and the medal-taking movement in 2012 appear to be different from each other.

The pyramids were made even earlier than they were supposed. The period Cleopatra lived is even closer to the establishment of the Pizza Hut from the construction of the pyramids. The Great Giza Pyramid was built in 2560 BC, Cleopatra lived in the 30s BC. Pizza Hut was opened in 1958.

After 66 years, man went to the Moon. In 1969 Apollo landed at 11 months after the first flight in 593 seconds.

The computing power of today's scientific calculators is higher than the computers that make the Moon landing. To explain, the TI-83 calculator has 6 times the processing power, while the main processor running Apollo 11 is running at 1.024 MHz.

Harvard University is older than the calculus. While Harvard University was founded in 1636, Calculus was found at the end of 1600.

Oxford University is older than Aztec Civilization. Education began in Oxford in 1096, while the university was officially established in 1249. Aztec civilization is much older than the foundation of the university. The Aztec civilization, founded in 1325, is far behind the university.

At the time of the first Pyramids, the Mammoths were still on the world. The degeneration of these creatures took place when the pyramids were 1000 years old.

If you are now older than 45 years old, you are considered to have doubled the world population. In 1968 the world population was 3.5 billion, today 7 billion is in the past.

From time to time, the still-used fax machine was the main transport vehicle when it was first produced.

When Star Wars was first launched, it was executed with a guillotine in France.

The time difference between Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex is more than the time difference between people and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Stegosaurus lived 150 million years ago, and T-Rex 65 million years ago.

If the whole history of the Earth was to this day, it wanted to fit in a single year, and the emergence of humans coincided with December 21, 23:58. So much so that people are only 0.004 of world history.