15-Inch Macbook Pro Does Not Save Price

Apple announced that the new 15-inch Macbook Pro is $ 6699 with extra options.

In 1997, Apple announced the record price PowerBook G3 with a 240MHz 603EV processor. The PowerBook G3 was introduced as the fastest laptop, and indeed the fastest laptop ever. In November 1997, the company used the same chassis for the improved PowerBook G3 named "Kanga" by AppleInsider readers and managed to make it faster.

The new laptop with a faster motherboard and G3 processor had twice the speed of the previous one. The revolutionary laptop appeared to users at a price that was lukewarm. According to the terms of that period, a price of $ 6,099, which is more than $ 10,000, was set, but the PowerBook G3, which was being sold at this price in November, was reduced to 4,500 dollars in January and 5499 in February.


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Nobody thinks that the price of a 15-inch MacBook Pro will be lowered after 21 years from the same price tag of $ 6699. The biggest reason for this thought is an astronomical figure, but $ 6699 is a figure that can be readily discerned in today's technology world.